Our company

Sakura France Service

We offer our expertise and advice by performing a real consultation to determine the needs of each client.

On the market for over 7 years with a fleet of almost 300 machines in France and in Europe, Sakura France Service has a very good image among its existing customers.
We have a qualitative approach to each of the requests we receive, and have done our spearhead the quality of service and listening to our customers.

With the expertise of our main supplier of sushi machine (TOP Company, Co), present for more than 37 years on the Asian and American markets, we have developed our expertise and obtained exclusivity in Europe.

SAKURA France Service opened nearly three years ago, a food service allowing us to offer a full range of Japanese products for the production of sushi, but also ranges dedicated to the complementary sale at very competitive prices.

SAKURA France Service is committed to the quality of his work and the reliability of its equipment.