Automatic Nigiri machine

Ideal for optimising working time and homogenising your products, the Nigiri machines (rice balls) will help you to make products that are balanced, calibrated in weight and size. In addition, you will be able to determine the level of compression of your rice balls like a sushi man, which will bring delicacy and know-how to your products. Our range allows you to choose according to your needs and the speed required from your machine. The machine adapts to the man…

Automatic Nigiri Machine – TSM07

The productivity is 1.3 seconds by 1piece.

Automatic rice supply systems
After loosening the rice in the hopper automatically, the loose rice move to the roller section.

Rice feed automatic adjustment function
Automatic adjustment function of roller speed can supply the rice in a uniform manner.

Latest forming method
Adopting a newly developed (PAT,P) Special forming method results in a good finish in texture and shape

Forming hardness adjustment function
You can adjust the finished hardness of rice-balls by turning the dial.

Automatic stop function
In case of 6 pieces all of the rice ball line up on the turntable, this machine automatically stops working.

Storage system
It is very convenient and hygienic as the lid can be stored inside the rear side of the TSM07 main body when replenishing rice, After use, the turntable can be aiso stored so the machine in a compact manner..

Simple operation
It is easy operation, that is to start and to stop the power switch.

Easy cleaning
It is easy to remove various parts and such parts, of which there are few, are made of a material that does not easily allow the rice to stick, It is also easy to wash and clean them in a hygienic manner.

The best use place
The TSM07 is the most suitable machine for making sushi at a great variety of eating in overseas sushi markets, including but not limited to sushicorners at Supermarkets or Department store, Kaiten sushi bars, Take-out sushi shops, Home delivery sushi shops, Japanese Restaurants, Hotels, Catering services and Centralized kitchens, etc.

Dimensions (cm)
30 x 48 x 59 cm
Power supply 100 to 240V
Maximum power 90W
Weight 23kg (51lbs)
Dispenser capacity
4.5kg (10lbs)
Productivity – 2,300 pcs / hour (Nigiri)
– 2,240 pcs / hour (Makunouchi and Inaris)
– Nigiri from 16g to 30g

* Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.

Maximum rice load 1 kg 3 kg 4.5 kg
Productivity 1200 pieces / hour 1300 pieces / hour 2400 pieces / hour
Dimensions 350 x 340 x 170 mm 300 x 480 x 450 mm 300 x 480 x 590 mm
Weight 6 kg 18 kg 23 kg
Power consumption 10W 60W 90W
Power supply / AC100V / AC240V AC100V / AC240V

A unique service in France

Sakura France Service offers you quality sushi machines, imported from Japan. These robots are designed to be the most robust and reliable. Better still, for you, we have chosen to set up an after-sales service unique in France for sushi makers! Thanks to the technical training received in Japan and a stock of parts in France, we are able to offer you an even more responsive and competent after-sales service.

Sakura France Service is today the only one to guarantee you an after sales service in France.

ensures the follow-up of your machines

We work with a network of technicians supervised by a referent trained in Japan by our suppliers. For more than 10 years, we have been monitoring, maintaining and servicing our machines.

Our way of working :

Respond as quickly as possible to our customers (response within 24 hours)
To be available for our customers (by e-mail, telephone or videoconference)
To have a stock of parts in France in order to provide rapid interventions
In the event of a breakdown

Call 04 78 84 20 04

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