Automatic Maki Machine

Making maki requires experience and know-how. Managing the spreading of rice on a sheet of seaweed or without a sheet of seaweed and making this sheet of rice uniform is a job for experts. There are very few experts in this field and few skilled workers in France. Japanese engineers have developed machines that perfectly mimic this rigorous work. The machines allow for adjustments to the compression, length and thickness of the rice plates. The knowledge of our Japanese partners is more than 45 years. We offer several models adapted to your needs.

Automatic Rice Sheet Machine- TSM900RS (Copie)

Good textured finish
Special grooves on the roller (PAT.) extend the rice softy and achieve good textured rice sheets.

Keep-warm function
The keep-warm function is provided at the bottom portion of the hopper to keep the rice at a suitable temperature.

High production capacity
It makes a rice sheet in an efficient manner at the speed of one sheet every 5 seconds.

Easy cleaning
It is easy to remove various parts and moreover such parts are made of a material that does not easily allow the rice to stick, it is also easy to wash and clean them in a hygienic manner.

Storage System
When you replenish the rice, it is convenient and hygienic as you can store the lid inside the rear side of the main body.

The created rice sheet can be placed on the machine table, on a dried sheet (seaweed, rice or soy), or on a bamboo mat to roll your maki. In addition, you can choose the rice sheet width to meet your requirements when you order your machine: classic size 18cm (7 ‘) or wide 20cm (7,8’).

Dimensions (cm) W38 x D50 x H52
Weight 42kg / 93Lbs
Power supply 220 to 240 V
Power Max 120 W
Dispenser 9kg / 20Lbs
Productivity Maximum number of sheets 720 to 900/hour
* Depending on the length of each sheet covered with rice.

Maximum rice load / 9 kg 9 kg 9 kg
Productivity 60 to 80 rolls / hour 720 to 900 mats / hour 150 to 200 rolls / hour 250 to 300 rolls / hour
380 x 520 x 500 mm 380 x 520 x 500 mm

360 x 540 x 650 mm

42 kg 42 kg 43 kg
Power consumption / 120W 120W 80W
Power supply / AC200V / AC240V AC200V / AC240V AC100V / AC240V

A unique service in France

Sakura France Service offers you quality sushi machines, imported from Japan. These robots are designed to be the most robust and reliable. Better still, for you, we have chosen to set up an after-sales service unique in France for sushi makers! Thanks to the technical training received in Japan and a stock of parts in France, we are able to offer you an even more responsive and competent after-sales service.

Sakura France Service is today the only one to guarantee you an after sales service in France.

ensures the follow-up of your machines

We work with a network of technicians supervised by a referent trained in Japan by our suppliers. For more than 10 years, we have been monitoring, maintaining and servicing our machines.

Our way of working :

Respond as quickly as possible to our customers (response within 24 hours)
To be available for our customers (by e-mail, telephone or videoconference)
To have a stock of parts in France in order to provide rapid interventions
In the event of a breakdown

Call 04 78 84 20 04

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