Maki cutter

Par 4, 6, par 8, par 10 et par 12, la découpe des makis n’est pas un problème de difficulté pour des chefs mais ai souvent ressentie comme une contrainte pénible et trop répétitive. La découpe régulière et en évitant le maximum de perte (extrémités des makis souvent jetées à cause de leur mauvais aspect visuel) est souvent mal appréhender. Le découpeur de Maki vous aidera à mieux calibrer vos morceaux, à faciliter très largement la découpe et à éviter d’avoir de la casse (perte de matière).

Maki Cutter- TK2 (Copie) (Copie)

TK2 = Accurate and speedy same cutting quality.

Cut all your products easily in less than 5 seconds! The accuracy of Teflone blades allows you a clean and uniform cutting, improving the quality of the finished product. No technical experience needed , lower the lever and it’s cut!

The Teflone blades ensure you an easy cleaning, to ensure complete hygiene

The compact size of the machine ensures a space saving in your workspace. In addition, it has a storage space for your cutting tape.

Available cutting options : 6 pieces, 8 pieces, 9 pieces, or 10 pieces

Dimensions (WxDxH) 41 x 37 x 61 cm
Weight 21 kg
Productivity 600 to 2400 pieces/hour
Power supply 110 to 220 V
Power 50 W

LCC-105 TK2
Dimensions (WxDxH) 41 x 37 x 61 cm 36 x 41 x 58 cm
Weight 21 kg 18 kg
Productivity 600 to 2400 pieces/hour 150 to 200 pieces/hour
Power supply From 110 to 220 V /
Power 50 W /

A unique service in France

Sakura France Service offers you quality sushi machines, imported from Japan. These robots are designed to be the most robust and reliable. Better still, for you, we have chosen to set up an after-sales service unique in France for sushi makers! Thanks to the technical training received in Japan and a stock of parts in France, we are able to offer you an even more responsive and competent after-sales service.

Sakura France Service is today the only one to guarantee you an after sales service in France.

ensures the follow-up of your machines

We work with a network of technicians supervised by a referent trained in Japan by our suppliers. For more than 10 years, we have been monitoring, maintaining and servicing our machines.

Our way of working :

Respond as quickly as possible to our customers (response within 24 hours)
To be available for our customers (by e-mail, telephone or videoconference)
To have a stock of parts in France in order to provide rapid interventions
In the event of a breakdown

Call 04 78 84 20 04

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