Machine manuelle à Maki

La fabrication des makis demande de l’expérience, et un vrai savoir-faire. Gérer l’étalement du riz sur une feuille d’algue ou sans feuille d’algue et rendre cette plaque de riz uniforme est un travail d’expert. Il n’y a que très peu d’expert dans ce domaine et peu de main d’œuvre qualifiée en France. Les ingénieurs Japonais travaillent ont mis au point des machines mimant à la perfection ce travail rigoureux. Les machines permettent des ajustements de compression, de longueur et d’épaisseur des plaques de riz. Le savoir faire de nos partenaires Japonais est de plus de 45 ans. Nous vous proposons plusieurs modèles adaptés à vos besoins.

Manual Maki Machine – ROLLER 35

The Roller-35 is a manual machine made to be used by untrained staff. 100% mechanical, this machine has no electronic components that may break. It is also hygienically designed to prevent food sticking in joints and fully dish-washable. Professionnal result This small machine makes it easy to create classic maki, or california rolls with a uniform and regular finish. Very simple to use (a 10min training is ok), the Roller 35 can be used by real sushiman, or by untrained staff. Small size The small size of the machine allows you to easily integrate it into your working environment. Its handle and lightness ensure easy and safe transport. Build quality All components of the Roller 35 come from, and are assembled in the UK. The mechanical stops prevent damage to the machine, making it very robust. All fixings cannot be easily removed. A special tool is required to disassemble the machine meaning no fixings can come off into food. Easy cleaning The Roller 35 is designed for optimal hygiene. The rolling plates are “V”cut on the underside meaning no rice can get trapped. In addition, it has water-flow holes cut in the chassis styled in the “sushi machine hexagon” logo. These allow water to clean the underside of the rolling plates. Finally, all the parts are dishwasher-proof, but you also can wash it with hot soapy water.   1 year warranty

Denomination Roller 35
Capacity De 60 à 80 rouleaux / heure
Component Stainless steel 3mm 316 (navy quality) / Acetal plastic
Maximum rice load / 9 kg 9 kg 9 kg
Productivity 60 à 80
rolls / hour
720 à 900 carpet / hour 150 à 200
rolls / hour
600 carpet / hour
Dimensions 380 x 520 x 500 mm 380 x 520 x 500 mm 1500/2500 x 380 x 1200 mm
Weight 42 kg 42 kg
Power consumption / 120W 120W 120W
Power supply / AC200V / AC240V AC200V / AC240V AC200V / AC240V

Quality Service

Sakura France Service offer quality sushi machines, imported from Japan. These robots are designed to be the most robust and reliable. Better yet, for you, we have chosen to set up a unique after-sales service in France on sushi robots able to cover European needs ! Thanks to the technical training received in Japan and a stock of parts in France, we are able to offer you an even more responsive and competent SAV.


The way we work:

  • Respond as quickly as possible to our customers (maximum 24-hour response)
  • Be available to our customers (by email, phone or viso-conference)
  • Having a stock of parts in France to plan for rapid interventions
  • Being able to connect with a technician partner near your company who will be most effective in replacing you with the faulty parts.

In case of breakdown or problem with your machine

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