Mélangeur de riz

Le mélange du riz et du vinaigre ainsi que le refroidissement du riz sont des phases chronophages et fastidieuses. Nos machines pourront vous aider et vous faire gagner beaucoup de temps. Le riz sera mélangé de manière homogène chaque jour, conservant une qualité régulière et offrant à vos préparations une qualité optimum. Le riz sera également plus agréable à travailler pour vos fabrications. Le temps gagné vous permettra d’optimiser d’autres postes de travail : Accueil client/Service/etc.

Rice Mixer – TSM-S2

The rotation system of this TSM-S1 rice mixer ensures a rice mixture / vinegar perfect, gently. Then, the result is as tasty as if it has been prepared by a real sushiman!

You can adjust several parameters to match perfectly with your preparation habits. You can adjust the mixture (choose the length and movements performed) and cooling (determining the time of mixing, marinating and cooling the rice). Your preferences will be saved for your next use.

Thanks to its small format, the TSM-S2 mixer can be placed directly on your workspace or on a table.

How to use ?

  1. Load the rice and vinegar in the tank
  2. Press the start button
  3. A signal warns you about the end of the cycle
Taille 570 x 400 x 470 mm
Poids 30kg
Charge de riz maximum 3kg
Puissance 30W max
Consommation électrique AC100V – 240V
  TSMS2 (Top)
TSMS1 (Top)
KS726 (Top)
Charge de riz maximum 6 kg 13 kg 12 kg
Temps moyen de mélange 5 min 5 min 5 min
Dimensions 570 x 400 x 470 mm 660 x 460 x 1140 mm 620 x 750 x 1140 mm
Poids 34 kg 47 kg 59 kg
Consommation éléctrique 90W 90W 350 W
Alimentation AC100V / 240V AC100V / 240V AC220V


Quality Service

Sakura France Service offer quality sushi machines, imported from Japan. These robots are designed to be the most robust and reliable. Better yet, for you, we have chosen to set up a unique after-sales service in France on sushi robots able to cover European needs ! Thanks to the technical training received in Japan and a stock of parts in France, we are able to offer you an even more responsive and competent SAV.


The way we work:

  • Respond as quickly as possible to our customers (maximum 24-hour response)
  • Be available to our customers (by email, phone or viso-conference)
  • Having a stock of parts in France to plan for rapid interventions
  • Being able to connect with a technician partner near your company who will be most effective in replacing you with the faulty parts.

In case of breakdown or problem with your machine

Call on +33 (0)4 78 84 20 04

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