Sakura Services

Sakura France Service supply you professional machine made in Japan,
strong, compact, and with a high productivity

Help in creating recipes

We can provide you with customised assistance, from choice of recipes to calculating prices, so you can launch your business in complete confidence.

SAKURA France SERVICE has introduced a decision-making tool:

  • Which recipes?

  • What prices?

  • How am I placed with respect to the competition?

  •  How can I make up my boxes?


With our help, you can prepare and organise your launch with confidence. We will place our knowledge and our tools at your disposal.

Set your product prices

Sakura France Service has created a recipe/cost monitoring tool so you can keep a close eye on your pricing and margins. This tool will help you to:

Design and select your recipes and compositions
Control your unit costs and total costs
Adjust and modulate your prices

We want to assist you in your day-to-day operations and make it easier to manage your business:

To find out more about our tool and our services:

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