Sakura Services

Sakura France Service supply you professional machine made in Japan,
strong, compact, and with a high productivity


Why choose leasing?


 Easier access to new developments
You can update your equipment at the end of the leasing period


 Protect your cash flow
You can avoid a large initial investment, and VAT payments are spread over each lease for the term of the contract.


 Improve your balance sheet
Rental payments can be counted as external expenses and are 100% deductible for tax purposes.


 Benefit from the services of Sakura France Service
Free delivery to the address of your choice + free training on our site



For your leasing application to be successful, your company must fulfil certain requirements:

  • Have held a valid Siret number for at least 2 years
  • Make its balance sheets and information available 
  • Have resident status and hold a bank account in mainland France

Interested in this offer?

How does it work?

You choose the equipment from your supplier


Leasecom presents a financing solution


Financing agreement and signature of the leasing contract


And Leasecom collects the rental sum


On expiry of the contract, there are four options: surrender, renewal, extension or purchase of the leased equipment

Our range of PACKS


  PACK 01

Maki Machine : TSM900RSR

Nigiri Maker : TSM09

Cutter : TK2

  PACK 02

Maki machine : TSM900RSR

Cutter : TK2

  PACK 03

 Rice mixer / Cooler: TSM S2

Rice Washer : KP72

  PACK 04

Maki Machine : TSM900RSR

Nigiri Machine : TSM09

Cutter : TK2

 Rice mixer / Cooler:  TSM S2

 Rice washer​ : KP72

  PACK 05

Maki Machine : TSM900RSR

Cutter : TK2

Rice Washer : KP72

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